Biome Munch Malta

Biome Munch

Description of this organization: Biome Munch is a local organic farm run by young people. The couple started their journey in the farming industry in 2015 and from there they have managed to gain a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to farming. What they are doing now is that they are experimenting with the fact that they can grow food not just in fields but also urbanely.  

Description of what they do in regards to urban gardening: The people behind Biome Much, have now started to experiment with growing certain crops in pots and containers that can be easily found at home and can easily fit on roofs or balconies. Last year, they have started to share with the people the information and experience that they gained and teach them how they think they can grow their own crops urbanely.

Biome MunchAddress of the organization: Biome Munch 1e ta lippin garage Burmarrad Road

Contact Phone of Organization: +356 99631132

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