Vegetable Garden of Municipal of Maroussi Greece

Vegetable Garden of Municipal of Maroussi

Description of this organization: The municipality of Maroussi is responsible for the local development of this area. Due to a building boom that began in the 1990s and was followed by the construction of enormous commercial centers at the time of the “Athens 2004” Olympic Olympics, Maroussi has seen significant changes. In light of this, a vacant lot that was once prime real estate development land has been converted into a vegetable garden and reintegrated into the neighbourhood.

Description of what they do in regards to urban gardening: This is an intriguing example of municipal land being used for a beneficial social purpose is the Maroussi municipal vegetable garden, which was established in 2012 and is located in the Neo Terma-Palaio Psalidi neighbourhood. This specific area of Maroussi was used as a dump before the intervention was put into place. The government and the local community launched a campaign to utilize the property to the fullest extent possible in an environmentally responsible manner. The land was divided among the locals/farmers into 40 slots, each measuring 25 square meters. Then, on their own plot of land, the farmers grew various fruits and vegetables. Additionally, they built a composting area to assist the soil become more fertile and a water tank to use to water the plants . In the garden, only organic cultivation is permitted. The goal was to increase the number of plots handed to the residents from the initial 35 to 40, which they did after a year.

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