KIPOS3: The City as a Resource Project Greece

Description of this organization: The Kipos3 project is a proposal to create a network of neighbourhood gardens managed by residents in the city of Thessaloniki. with the slogan “we are the landscape of our neighborhood”, the Kipos3 project aims to develop and strengthen a community of practice on the occasion of the co-creation and care of a neighbourhood garden. The Garden in every residual or empty space of the city, becomes an archetype of nature designed by man, an experimental place to discuss our responsibilities and rights in the city, to implement the idea of ​​the active citizen, combining at the same time social, cultural and ecological aspects of urban life.

Description of what they do in regards to urban gardening: The first garden operates in Doxa Park in 4th Dim. Community of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The idea started in 2014 with the creation of the first neighborhood garden next to the Municipal Vineyard and Orchard which operates to this day entirely under the responsibility of the residents.

The initiative took shape with the support of the Angelopoulos CGIU Fellowships program and is evolving with an emphasis on community development and recording the resulting expertise, through START – Create Cultural Change, a program of the Robert Bosch Foundation implemented in collaboration with the German Institute Goethe Institut Thessaloniki and the Federal Association of Sociocultural Organizations of Germany.

KIPOS3: The City as a Resource ProjectAddress of the organization: Park of Glory in the 4th Dim. Community of the Municipality of Thessaloniki

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