Partner EGInA Srl Italy

Partner Information

EGInA Srl (European Grants International Academy) is a private training agency and consultancy body operating in the field of EU projects and grants. The company has been
founded by a team of project managers with long-term experience in the preparation, submission and implementation of project proposals, as well as in the coordination of
international partnerships and the administrative and financial management of actions at local, national and EU level.

EGInA Srl is located in Foligno, in the Umbria Region (1h30 far from Rome by train), and it operates within a wide and consolidated network of public and private bodies, providing high-quality services and consultancy in different fields

Lifelong Learning and Higher Education

We are accredited at the Umbria Region as a training agency for the implementation of training activities funded by the European Social Fund. Being an accredited training agency for the release of professional qualifications and the certificates of permanent and continuous training, we have been cooperating for many years with the four major Trade.

Unions in our Region:
– CNA Umbria (National Confederation of Craft and SME)
– Confcommercio (Confederation of Commercial Enterprises)
– Confindustria (Confederation of Industries)
– Confartigianato (Confederation of Handicraft)

Research & Innovation

Our research team is composed of lecturers and researchers from the National Research Council (CNR), industrial engineers, experts in social sciences and from the educational sector. We constantly try to design and realize innovative solutions and services for different target groups, taking advantage of a proven network of international relations and partnerships.

EU/International projects

The key staff of EGInA Srl is experienced in the management of EU funded projects within the framework of different EU financing programmes. During the years we have been involved in the implementation, both as coordinators or partners, of a consistent number of multilateral projects.

Transnational mobility

EGInA Srl acts also as a sending, hosting, and intermediating organisation in the field of transnational mobility. Based on our logistic and organisational competencies and facilities, we always analyse and interpret the educational and professional needs and resources of the territory to offer the best international experience both to outgoing and incoming learners.